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ADTEC Soloist 2 Broadcast MPEG 2 Player
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The Soloist 2 has a reputation as the premier decoder for multimedia professionals. It plays studio quality full D1 MPEG at encoded rates to 15 Mb/s. Along with balanced audio, it delivers crisp video signals to SDI, RGB, YUV, Y/C and Composite outputs. The Soloist 2 offers professionals a toolbox of features and capabilities that have been designed and field-tested by world-class multimedia application engineers.
Ultra-high Reliability
As an embedded system, the Soloist 2 has been engineered for ultra-high reliability. At its core, a high speed RISC CPU running under Adtec's very own video transport operating system (VTOS) provides unparalleled stability. The PC ritual of re-booting is unheard of. The Soloist 2 is up and running within 30 seconds of power-up.
Exceptional Performance
The Soloist 2 is a performer, from the moment it is removed from the box, it's rugged durable mechanical and electrical characteristics are evident. No power switch was incorporated in the design, reiterating its rugged reliable nature. Once plugged in, the Soloist 2 is ready to run, intended for 24-7-365 operation; nothing compares!
Easy Integration
As a stand-alone solution or component part in any type of system, the Soloist 2 is adaptive. Its small footprint, large storage capacity, low power consumption and flexible interfaces make it highly flexible. From broadcast to cable to demanding professional audiovisual applications, there really is no equal to the Soloist 2.
Every Output
The Soloist 2 adapts to virtually any display technology. Its analog outputs include standard Composite, YC, RGB, and YUV (Component) video. Optionally, add Serial Digital Video to integrate into the very high-end display technologies. Audio outputs include balanced and unbalanced.
The Soloist 2 is available in a rugged 1U rack-mount steel case. Options include storage upgrades, CD-ROM or DVD player, SDI output, and a seamless pass-through switcher for composite video or SDI with embedded AES EBU audio.
Unlimited channel Synchronous playback (Video Walls and Multiple Projector applications)
Cable Local Origination
Broadcast long form playback
Hospital, education and entertainment channels
Large projector presentations (SDI, YUV or RGB)
High-end entertainment venues
Kiosks and Interactive displays
Museums and Theme Parks
Automation with AMX, Crestron, VDBS, Dataton, Vity and other makes of show-controllers
Feature Highlights:
MP@ML decoding up to 15Mbps
Genlock for external colour and video timing synchronization
Optional built in Composite or SDI switcher
Large internal storage capacity with external SCSI port
CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Jaz drive and removable hard drives
MPEG File Encryption
Incremental channel based design
Satellite data distribution (FCMP)
Interface and File playback verifications
Supports PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N and NTSC video standards
OSD, On Screen Display with support for 24-bit BMP files
BMP scaling and colour reduction with alpha blending
Extensive control and scripting functionality nearly eliminates need for external controllers
Robust developer API with over 120 scripted commands
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