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The multi-format; high-quality switcher/mixer is designed to support multiple camera workflows. The AG-HMX100 also includes the ability to switch 3D HD video sources; making it the first affordable live switcher for use in 3D production.

• 7 video inputs: 4 SDI; 2 HDMI; and DVI-I
• 12 audio inputs including: 4 SDI; 4 XLR; 2 HDMI; Mic
• 9 video inputs: 4 SDI; 2 HDMI; 2 analog composite; DVI-I
• 6 audio outputs including: Program — XLR; SDI; Preview — SDI; AUX SDI; headphone
• Two analog composite inputs allow direct connection to legacy video sources (in SD system mode)
• Ability to mix embedded audio from HD/SD-SDI camcorders and other sources
• Genlock; GPI; RS-232C and tally output
• 12-bit processing ensures high image quality
• Supports 1080/59.94i; 1080/50i; 720/59.94p; 720/50p and 480/59.94i and 576/50i
• Built-in Multi-Viewer allows users to view up to 10 images on a single display; including video sources; audio levels; and a waveform monitor
• 5.7" LCD screen displays five-row matrix menu which; combined with 5 rotary switches; allows you to change functions quickly and easily
• Digital effects include: basic pattern key; transition wipes; chroma and luminance keys; downstream keying (DSK); title key; time effects (still/strobe) and fades (in/out; video; audio).
• Preset/event memory buttons.
• Connects easily with Panasonic projectors via DVI-D; HD-SDI and RS-232C connections to mix various sources during a presentation; and can remotely control the projector's power and shutter settings.
• Weight: less than 20 pounds
• Up to 100 event memories
• 10 keys for setting inputs
• Joystick control of key adjustments

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